Friday, June 6, 2014


It seems like just yesterday that I was packing up my belongings and heading to Florence for the semester of a lifetime! Except this time, I'm going back to Israel after being there for 10 days on Birthright last summer. Although Birthright was amazing, I feel as though I did not get the full "Israel Experience" therefore I am going back to explore! And it's even better that I get to experience all of this again with my best friend from camp, Sam. 

I'm sitting here trying to fit everything I need for 2 months into one large suitcase... very difficult for someone who is a shopaholic and known as the over-packer of the family ! I know these next 2 months will be filled with new friendships, amazing experiences, delicious food, and great work experience. 

Already my Israel trip is off to a great start.... my internship description has changed, I have repacked 3 times, and last minute errands are always a must in the Miller household! But, these little bumps in the road aren't going to stop me from having the trip of a lifetime! I am getting excited to experience Israel as the natives do (minus the fact that I don't speak Hebrew.) I have already gotten numerous recommendations for food places so be prepared for many photos (obviously not like my Florence food pictures though.) 

Anyway, off to go do some last minute packing! I am making a quick pitstop in Philly to visit Raina and Ally (my friends from Pitt) so I'm so excited to see them! And then off to Jerusalem for our orientation! 

I can't wait to write about all my experiences, thoughts, tastes, new friends, etc. Shoutout to my parents for making all of this possible! I know I have been a bit of a head case these past few days because my stress level has been through the roof (shocker, right?) but thank you for supporting me and helping me and being by my side every step of the way! This trip would not be possible without you both so thank you SO much! 

Shalom for now,

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