Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Final Days

So much has gone on the past few days it's hard to put into words exactly what I did. I have explored new neighborhoods, tried new cuisine, and completed my internship. So... where to begin?!

It was a sad few days leading up to the final goodbye. I have enjoyed my internship at Delicious Israel greatly as well as the time I've spent with my boss, Inbal. My friends always joke because we spend 24/7 together working and eating, trying new restaurants and types of cuisine. I finally finished a project I've been working on since the beginning so that was really cool to see an end result to my hard work. I also have been helping Inbal with a new product launch so I'm excited to see where that goes. I've also committed to working for her once I return to the US which will be great! I can't describe how much I'm going to miss Delicious Israel.

Tel Aviv Art Museum:
Dani, Cydnie and I went to the Tel Aviv Art Museum the other day. Although some of it was too contemporary and modern for me to appreciate, I fell in love with one of the exhibits. The artist's name is David Reeb and I am obsessed with his work. He basically paints pictures of things that have happened in Israel's history from wars to written pieces. Reeb truly captured the history of Israel and the Israeli people in an impactful and motivating way. After walking through his exhibit, it made me want to research more on every event that has taken place and the results of those events.

After the Art Museum we went to the Tel Aviv port and ate at a Druze food stand. The food was delicious yet my stomach didn't thank me afterward. We headed to the beach to tan and meet our friends for some cheese and wine during the sunset. We picked up wine and cheese from this sketchy wine and cigar store, where the 40-year-old man thought it was perfectly acceptable to hit on a group of 20-something girls. Interesting to say the least.

Tuesday was a day of exploration. Dani, Tali, Cydnie and I put on our creative caps and decided to explore for the day. We started off in the Shuk for some shopping and food. We ate at this amazing restaurant in the Shuk that we ate at before. 35 sheks for unreal chicken and veggies served with tahina. And a beer.... so unlike me. After lunch, we headed to Jaffa for a day of shopping. We wandered around Jaffa and Old Jaffa stopping in almost every store. While in Jaffa, we ran into an Asian tour group. They were the typical Asian tour groups, umbrellas in one hand and Chinese flags in the other. They were taking a picture in a square in Jaffa and we offered to take it for them. They all shouted "Israel" and "We Love Israel"which immediately resulted in my friends and I bursting out laughing. We became friends with the Asians and waved goodbye as they headed to their next destination for a group photo.

Last Night Out:
For our last night, a few friends and I decided to head to Corner Bar aka the bar on campus that we go to basically nightly. This bar does horrible things to my wallet and decision making since it is all you can drink for a fixed price. We ended up meeting 3 Israeli guys there who we knew which was definitely a fun time. The night ended in me hysterically crying to Dani because I was so sad to leave.

Sorry I don't have more to report. I'm honestly struggling with remembering everything that happened these past few days because they were just too incredible with way too many memories.

Final post to come.... stay tuned!

Reeb Painting

Tel Aviv Port 

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